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Cracking Health Costs and
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Frequently Asked Questions about HC2

Q: Unlimited access to the industry’s leading thought leaders, generation of several custom reports, and several different guarantees – it seems like too much value for the price being paid, in addition to the materials, awards, consulting and networking. What are we missing?

A: This array of services is a major “loss leader” that we are offering as we grow the membership. It is guaranteed only for the number of years you contract for initially. For instance, if you contract for three years now, all this value is provided for three years even if this price-deliverables configuration is no longer offered to new members. As we determine the level of utilization of the various consultants and services, we may reconfigure the benefits so that some items, especially those with out-of-pocket costs to us, are assigned an incremental cost to you, which may be subsidized by us even so. (Membership benefits in future years will be enhanced too, as the network, document library, best-practice database and vendor ratings expand.)

So your best bet to lock in this package is to sign up now for up to three years, the maximum duration being offered. Note that even if you sign up for multiple years now, you may request a refund of unused year(s) if you decide to resign for any reason.

Q: I work for a company that makes electron microscopes. Yet even using our latest model, I can’t find the fine print on the guarantees. Where are you hiding it?

A: Your ‘scope could detect a neutrino at 100 paces and you still wouldn’t see any fine print, because there is none. The only asterisks – which should be self-evident – are as follows:

  1. We are not a data warehouse like Verisk or HDMS or Medstat. We don’t compile data for you. We analyze your results, reports, relevant contractual sections etc. If we ask for a new data pull to run a “plausibility check” on a reports analysis (and we often ask for one additional cut at the data) beyond what is already provided by your vendor or carrier, we provide a data extraction tool that can be easily be populated from a data warehouse or by a carrier. Our own team and analytic engine will do the rest.
  2. When we say we “review contracts” for HC2 members, we don’t mean a complete legal review. We review only the sections of the contract relevant to measurement and pricing.
  3. The “A team” of consulting experts – Goetzel, Prochaska, etc – are made available for phone conversations, not free projects. We can arrange calls whenever you want to have discussions with whatever agenda you like, but you can’t give them “assignments”. On the other hand, Lewis will do the assignments promised above and deliver the outputs and take on any follow-up work.
  4. As mentioned there are asterisks for the procurements. First, you must sign up for the three-year membership (to prevent “adverse selection” by companies intending to do procurements) because procurements are resource-intensive. Second, price does not include on-site work, often requested for procurements, which is billable separately at rates comparable to those of the leading benefits consultants. These expenses plus your three-year membership will still be a fraction of what companies spend on disease management and wellness procurements alone with consulting firms…and your outcomes will be award-winning and be accompanied by an auditor’s letter.
  5. Finally, we can’t absolutely guarantee a national award for your program unless you follow HC2 advice closely. Having provided that qualification, in the last five years the majority of Mr. Lewis’ clients have won awards.

Q: Are there limits to our utilization of HC2 services?

A: No. HC2 is committed to you for the length of your initial contract. We are making the services attractive so that people do utilize them, and expecting to lose money on our first enrollees, to build the membership. If your utilization becomes very high, when it is renewal time we may “experience-rate” your membership renewal proposal for future years. But we will deliver the services requested for all HC2 members. The reason the membership services are fixed-price is to encourage people to utilize them, because high utilizers are more likely to renew and refer. (Mr. Lewis has done fixed-price contracts for health plans for years; virtually all the higher utilizers renew and refer.)

Having said all that, if you feel your utilization may be very high, well, all the more reason to enroll now for the full three years!

Q: Al Lewis is quite well known as an advisor to health plans. Why is he transitioning to advising employers?

A: In his own words: “Health plans were once the customers on the receiving end of vendor programs with often overstated ROIs. Now, health plans are producing their own programs for employer customers – and with their own often overstated ROIs. I frequently would re-do a health plan’s ROI to make it valid; they would thank me, but then complain that it wasn’t high enough! ‘The employers and their consultants can’t tell the difference between our valid ROI claims and other people’s invalid ones, so we are going to lose bids to people who are still following the inflated DMAA guidelines.’ I suddenly realized that now it’s the employer-customers of both health plans and vendors who need to be educated about exaggerated ROI claims. That’s the need in this marketplace, and HC-squared is here to meet that need.”

Q: You mentioned Certifications for Critical Outcomes Report Analysis (CORA) and Savings Measurement Certification. Can you elaborate?

A: CORA certification is an absolute necessity in order to understand and challenge the fallacies in what gets presented to you, and to avoid presenting fallacies within your organization. A full list of the 200+ CORA-certified professionals is on the DMPC website. Contact any of them for a reference of how valuable the course and certification are. Curiously, only two benefits consultants have passed the test. Savings Measurement Certification, also at DMPC, has only been earned by about 30 health plans and employers. It requires valid metrics, and earning it “deems” you for the awards in the following year’s Annual Report. We can’t guarantee you will win an award but we can guarantee that you will earn Savings Measurement Certification if you follow the HC2 guidelines.

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