The reviews are coming in
and the verdict is clear:

Cracking Health Costs and
Why Nobody Believes the Numbers
are the best books ever written.*

* By me


Uniquely, our promises to you are backed with guarantees.

  • Guaranteed Reduction in Spending on Vendors and Benefits Consultants
    You will reduce your spending on vendors (for the same or similar programs) or benefits consultants (for procurements and evaluations) by at least five times your HC2 membership dues over a 24-month period, or all future years are free until that happens. If you are not now spending money on consultants for these programs, the guarantee is that you won’t have to.
  • Guaranteed Lowest Vendor Prices (“Most Favored Nations”) …but with Performance Guarantees
    HC2 has access to the immense purchasing power of the Disease Management Purchasing Consortium (DMPC), the #1 buy-side advisor for states and health plans. DMPC is extending its pricing leverage only to employers who are represented in the HC2. Consequently, all human capital and health management contracts negotiated with the assistance of HC2 are guaranteed to be “most favored nations,” meaning that no other organization of your size or smaller can get better terms than you.
  • Guaranteed Reduction in Trend if You Use a Vendor Approved by HC2
    In the entire health management industry, only three vendors consistently reduce healthcare utilization without squeezing benefits. If you select one of those three, we guarantee (in addition to their own guarantee) that your costs will fall vs. your trend, according to your own calculations and our plausibility analysis. If we are wrong about this, you receive a decade of free membership in HC2.
  • Guaranteed Improvement in Program Metrics…and Nomination for Awards if and When Metrics Reach the Award Threshold
    If you submit your program outcomes reports or proposals for review, you will either:
    • Be nominated for (and win) an award for “Best Employer Program in Care Management” in the next official Annual Report on the Disease Management and Wellness Industries; or
    • Receive a critique of methodology and results that will allow you to renegotiate your contract on more favorable terms to your satisfaction, so that the results reported are “real” and the improvement is enough to win a national award in the following year. The guarantee is that if you follow HC2 advice, you will win an award in the Annual Report following when your improved metrics are achieved.
  • Guaranteed Improvement in Your Confidence in Communicating Your Value to the “C-Suite”
    After 12 months you must feel much more confident in your ability to present and defend the value of your health care/human capital programs or (1) we will provide on-site private training and/or (2) continue your HC2 membership at no charge until you do.
  • Guaranteed that We Will Find Mistakes Before Your CFO Does
    You may send us everything that your vendor(s) send you for methodology and outcomes review. If there are material methodology/outcomes mistakes (which are always in the vendor’s favor—sort of a Murphy’s Law of population health management) that we do not find and someone in your organization does, your next year of membership is free.
  • Guaranteed career advancement...and “career insurance” that all advice is accurate
    How sure are we that our support will help you to shine? Consider this: Within the first three years of your membership, you will enjoy (relative to peers) improved performance reviews, a bigger bonus, and/or a promotion...or your fourth year is free.

    On the other hand, if you lose your job for a reason that you think in whole or in part is due to the advice received from HC2, you will receive a refund of your entire year’s membership personally…and your organization may also continue its membership for the year gratis. (Note: This is not permissible in some public-sector organizations, so please check ahead of time.)

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