The reviews are coming in
and the verdict is clear:

Cracking Health Costs and
Why Nobody Believes the Numbers
are the best books ever written.*

* By me

Access to the Industry's Leading Library of Materials and Tools... Free

The materials in the expanding HC2 library, if purchased either from us or the authors, would cost five figures in total for non-members. All are free to HC2 members:

  • Complete Document Library answering questions like: Where is the industry going? Which players, programs, and communications vehicles are well-received? And, most importantly, who has their awards committee designated as the best employer programs. – a list that already is populated with, and will increasingly be dominated by, HC2 members.
  • Copy of Why Nobody Believes the Numbers: The Outcomes Measurement Guide for Grown-Ups that proves most national carriers and many wellness/DM vendors can't do math...or think you can't do math. Either way, most of their outcomes and guarantees are provably invalid.
  • A Suite of Wellness Tools not available anywhere else. A small sampling includes:
    • Ever wonder what your “break-even” point to offset your program cost and incentive offers? Our Wellness Savings Calculator addresses that and allows you to model changes.
    • The Wellness Best Practice Toolkit collects and offers a range of best practices to improve the effectiveness of your programs. For instance, did you know that, by harnessing positive peer pressure, an incentive offered partly on a departmental basis and partly on an individual basis will generate a higher HRA completion and program participation rate than a richer and more expensive incentive offered only to individuals?
    • The industry’s only Wellness and Disease Management Vendor Directory, which – as HC2 membership expands – will include confidential reviews of vendors used by HC2 members. This feature (available in 2012) will assist not just those looking for vendors but also those who have vendors, who will find their own levels of service improving due to this feedback loop

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