The reviews are coming in
and the verdict is clear:

Cracking Health Costs and
Why Nobody Believes the Numbers
are the best books ever written.*

* By me

On-Demand Expertise And Deliverables

Unlimited On-Demand Consultation, 48-hour turnaround, with the Disease Management/Wellness Industry’s Leading Analytic Expert1

  • Unlimited review of your vendor/carrier outcomes reports for wellness, disease management and other outcomes-based programs;
  • Unlimited review of your vendor/carrier proposals, guarantees and contracts for wellness, disease management and other programs in which outcomes or savings are measured;
  • Unlimited telephonic consultation for any questions or issues in wellness, disease management, value-based purchasing of medical services or any other area in which savings or productivity improvements are being promised or measured in exchange for “hard” fees.
  • Disease Management and Wellness Procurement RFPs either as standalone procurements or as a portion of a carrier RFP. Why pay six figures for semi-off-the-shelf procurement processes when you can be guaranteed valid metrics and industry awards using HC2? (Note: Due to the resource intensity of vendor procurement, there are asterisks in the Frequently Asked Questions.)

Proprietary deliverables included with membership

  • Auditor’s Letters for your (valid) outcomes. It will be no longer you vs. the CFO. If your outcomes are valid, you will receive an auditor’s letter, in the CFO’s language, to accompany them. Not just any auditor’s letter, but one (1) signed by the most respected care management outcomes measurer in the field; (2) including a $10,000 self-imposed liability that the auditor’s letter is accurate.
  • No longer will you have to rely on vendors and consultants to learn whether claims are true, by taking the course, test and certification in Critical Outcomes Report Analysis. The only analytic certification available in care management, 400+ people have been through the course, 200 have received certification, and all are “reference sites.” The course may be taken online.
  • Benchmarking of actual outcomes. You have been trying to improve your health and reduce your adverse events for probably close to a decade now. The key “sentinel event” to determine whether this has worked is your heart attack rate. Yet you don’t have any idea what your heart attack rate is, whether it has declined since you have been managing it, how it compares to other similar companies, and how much you have paid for each attack avoided. The same is true with all your other adverse medical events as well (asthma attacks, diabetic events, etc.). You will receive an outcomes benchmarking report that qualifies you for…
  • …Savings Measurement Certification. The highest attestation to validity in the care management field, which a number of health plans but so far only four other organizations have won (two Ohio retirement systems, Procter & Gamble, and the multi-university Higher Education Consortium) will be achieved by you, guaranteed
  • Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Plausibility Test. Your carrier is going to try to convince you that by spending more on primary care and hence increasing access to first-line medical intervention, you are going to save money and reduce absenteeism. You’ve heard that line before (with disease management), but this time you’ll have your own tool to evaluate progress, rather than rely on others. The lead HC2 consultant has published realistic evaluations of the notion that PCMH saves money, and notes: “There already is a system in which access to primary care is facilitated, physician offices keep longer hours, specialists are available on demand, and nurses check on your progress. It’s called ‘concierge medicine’ and it’s not exactly a cost-saver.”

1Source: “Considered the National Leader in Care Management Outcomes Reporting,” 9th Annual Report on the Disease Management and Wellness Industries, Health Industries Research Co., 2010

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