The reviews are coming in
and the verdict is clear:

Cracking Health Costs and
Why Nobody Believes the Numbers
are the best books ever written.*

* By me

Honest Brokers and Consultants

Pledge -- Disclosures

  1. I will disclose to clients all fees paid to me by vendors, including fees to become “preferred vendors” or be otherwise evaluated
  2. I will recommend Cracking Health Costs and Why Nobody Believes the Numbers to my clients
  3. If a client’s vendor is listed as having won an “Intelligent Design Award,” I will disclose that as well

Pledge – Program Design

  1. I will ensure that all HRA recommendations receive a “B” or higher from the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF)
  2. I won’t recommend biometric screening in excess of USPSTF guidelines
  3. I will disclose that the Journal of the American Medical Association and Slate have both recommended against annual physician visits

Pledge – RFPs

  1. I will ask prospective vendors whether they have received validation of their outcomes from a validator who is willing to accept a $10,000 penalty if indeed the validation letter is itself not valid*
  2. I will ask vendors to disclose whether and to which consulting firms they have paid fees to be evaluated and listed as preferred vendors
  3. In situations in which my client is seeking an ROI estimate as part of the RFP, I will ask the vendor to separate the price of the service from the cost of the savings/ROI calculation itself, and if possible get a third-party evaluator to do the evaluation for the same price or less. The third-party evaluator may not be the specific office(s) of any consulting or actuarial firm involved in either the C. Everett Koop Award or Community Care of North Carolina evaluations.

Pledge – Evaluations

  1. If and only if I have certification in Critical Outcomes Report Analysis (CORA), I may if I choose do the validation on my own, but also provide the $10,000 guarantee that the validation letter is itself valid*
  2. I will offer in writing to tally the count of wellness-sensitive medical events over time
Pledge – Adherence

If my client finds me to be in substantive violation of one or more of these provisions, I will pay the client 10% of my annual fee for the first violation and 50% for subsequent violations. I recognize that I will be dropped from this listing for a minimum of two years if more than three violations are reported to DMPC

*”Valid” is defined as disclosing that comparing participants to non-participants overstates program impact, that high-risk people will regress to the mean, and that comparisons of actual to expected “trend” is meaningless unless confirmed by a wellness-sensitive medical event analysis

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The following two items may be subscribed to on an annual basis, to enhance the credibility of your listing:

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You agree that RFPs, outcomes reports and other relevant quantitative wellness materials will be reviewed by DMPC for adherence. DMPC will endorse each one that is in compliance and indicate what needs to be done to bring the others into compliance. ($2000)

A la carte items:

Individual Critical Outlines Certified Audit DMPC Validity Review Valid Through Description of Services
Anonymous Yes No No November 2014 "Clinical benefits consultant incl health management programs integrated with safety/work comp programs. Strong operational & analytic background. Clients must be open to evaluating communications & corporate culture. References, incl Mr. Lewis AUR."
Andy Carr No No No November 2014
Tom Emerick No No No December 2014  
Shane Jacobsen No Yes No December 2014  
Vik Khanna Yes No No December 2014 "My contribution to your wellness vision is to challenge assumptions, ask provocative questions, and shape expectations to be consistent with evidence, science, and logic, not the vendor’s creative positioning of their product."
Wm. Ashley Pace No Yes No December 2014  

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