The reviews are coming in
and the verdict is clear:

Cracking Health Costs and
Why Nobody Believes the Numbers
are the best books ever written.*

* By me

WELCOA’s Newswire Provides Real-Time (Measured Geologically) Updates for Companies Interested in Wellness

Intelligent Design Awards are lovingly bestowed upon those contributions to the population health field that most set back the evolution of outcomes measurement, thanks to a unique and usually hilarious combination of dishonesty and cluelessness. But there is a serious lesson here: Engineers say that more is learned from a single bridge which collapses than from 100 which stay up. The good news is, that means there is not just a lesson here but an entire curriculum, because as it turns out, every bridge in wellness falls down. Yes, every single wellness outcome which has been made public is made up.

WELCOA’s newswire keeps people interested in wellness up to date on news that is very important to the industry. While it is true that they forgot to note the publication of my (and Vik’s) article on wellness in Health Affairs the day it appeared, it’s probably because there were six much more newsworthy items that day, such as reminding people that it’s not too late to get their health trip incentive campaign going.

One of these days they might even note that a book on wellness was published, reviewed, and named Healthcare Book of the Year . (It also topped the health insurance bestseller list.) That should happen if there is ever a slow news decade, which is very rare in the wellness industry because there is so much news all the time, like “One Company’s Approach to Containing Costs and Keeping Employees Healthy.” (January 30)

To their credit, on January 23rd , they did in fact post the big news “Two Essential Workplace Wellness ROI Articles” but ours didn’t make the cut. Clicking through takes you to a site called “Workplace Wellness, Corp.” [sic]. Clicking through again leads you to a paragraph on ROI. I had a hard time reading that paragraph because I am a stickler for grammar and prefer more parallel structure, fewer run-on sentences, commas in the right places, and capitalization only of proper names, but that’s just me being quirky. Once you decipher this paragraph, you’ll link to two other articles on ROi … from three years ago.

For those who are unfamiliar with WELCOA, this is a good introduction to an organization that, according to its website, was founded by the inventor of the all-you-can-eat self-serve restaurant, Warren Buffet.

Hey, not their fault! Tons of websites misspell the name of their founder on their official organization information page, especially if it's one of those long, foreign, phonetically challenging names of people no one has ever heard of. Not to worry. I'm sure all their other information about wellness is accurate.

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