The reviews are coming in
and the verdict is clear:

Cracking Health Costs and
Why Nobody Believes the Numbers
are the best books ever written.*

* By me

Litigation Support

Many employers have figured out by now that their vendors, consultants and brokers are more concerned with taking their money than actually reading the first-tier academic literature and government guidelines, which universally say that the intrusive, coercive wellness programs — the ones that generate the highest fees — are worthless or counter-productive. Some of those employers are demanding their money back and then some. (Damages are much greater than fees due to reasons we can discuss offline.)

We provide both forensic consulting, in which we do the analysis to show that the wellness program was worthless and that the vendor and consultant lied about the savings, as well as direct litigation support. In the case of many vendors and consultants, we have already shown that they lied, by giving them an Intelligent Design Award.

We support employers by showing the overwhelming evidence that benefits consultants and vendors are suppressing the information demonstrating that their programs are worthless.

We are sometimes retained by benefits consultants and vendors instead. We have a winning strategy for them too, that we would prefer not to divulge.

Finally, though it hasn't happened yet, we will support class actions and individual employee claims. We will not work for the defense against these claims because frankly there is no defense other than cross-claims.

Qualifications include not just the many articles, endorsements, and books but also, I hold a JD from Harvard and taught economics at Harvard. Finally, my likely opposing experts usually have ethical violations or are employed by firms that have ethical violations and/or can't count. DMPC has dossiers on most potential opposing experts designed to impugn both their intelligence and ethics. (Neither is difficult, in wellness.)

Track record has been 100% achieving favorable settlements well before the trial date.

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