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Cracking Health Costs and
Why Nobody Believes the Numbers
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The Honor Roll: Individuals and Corporations Certified in Critical Outcomes Report Analysis

The following individuals have achieved the highest level of certification in completion and review of outcomes reports in disease management, including "controlled studies"

Individual Certification valid through
Jim Millaway Lifetime
Mike Forrester Lifetime
Melissa Tobler Lifetime
Vikram Khanna Lifetime

The following individuals have earned Certification in Critical Outcomes Report Analysis. An organizational affiliation listed next to their name means that all reports which they review or write and endorse with their Ceritificate, are considered valid by DMPC.

Corporate CORA Certification
(if applicable)
Susan Abate Providence Health Plans
Karen Adams
William Appelgate Iowa Chronic Care Consortium
Ed Baas HealthMedia, Inc.
Joey Barber Healthways
Kathy Beam Alere
Steve Bennett HealthMedia, Inc.
Greg Berg McKesson Health Solutions
Sandra Blake University of Louisiana—Monroe
Michael Blumental
Rob Booth
Randall Boss Ottawa Kent
Brian Brashear Healthways
Scott Breidbart
David Brumley MD Blue Cross of Rhode Island
Nancy Bulter Healthways
Robert Burmeister
Lisa Bussard Healthways
John Charde MD
Richard Citrin
Kathleen Clark Blue Cross of Vermont
Alice Comer QualChoice of Arkansas
Michael Connor Alere
Dan Costa Healthways
Paul Cummings Healthways
Jill Dahrens Healthways
Steve Davidson Healthways
Stavsha Davis Alere
Mary Dennis Moroni Fantin
Gigi Desierto Alere
Leah Dewey HMC
Mark Dillard Healthways
Shawn Donnelly McKesson Health Solutions
Brian Doran Quantum Health Inc.
Laurie Doran Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan
Mary Kay Dorgan Healthways
Alan Douglas QualChoice of Arkansas
Ji Doulas Alere
Alice Edwards Carefirst
Tim Egan Healthways
Nicole Fallowfield Gibson Insurance
Roberta Fantin Moroni Fantin
Leonard Fensterheim APS Healthcare
Sara Fitzgerald Health Dialog
Kristy Flatt Healthways
Dina Fonzone Scott Benefit Services
Mike Forrester
Dena Frahm Healthways
Allen Frommelt
Steve Frye Healthways
Chuck Fuhrer
Jason Gallagher HealthPartners
Jane Geer Carefirst
Chris Gilbert Health Management Corporation
Bob Good Healthways
Corey Green SHPS
Richard Green HMC
Daniel Griffin Healthways
Paula Hallahan
Lauran Hardin Mercy Health
Vince Haufle Alere
Thomas Hawkins Blue Cross of Massachusetts
Jad Hayes McKesson Health Solutions
Mark Heller LifeMasters
Sharon Hewner Independent Health Plan
Matthew Hofmeistrer Healthways
Lori Holly HealthMedia
Ron Holroyd Healthways
David Hoopes Martin's Point
Patricia Hope Patricia Hope
Fred Howard Alere
Joelyn Howard HMC
Charles Huang
Paul Hughes Moroni Fantin
Kim Husband-Antis Healthways
Susan Johnson Healthways
Susan Jones
Iver Juster MD Active Health (Aetna)
Paul Kaplan Blue Cross of Delaware
Kevin Keck Providence Health Plans
Jackie Keller QualChoice of Arkansas
Vik Khanna Vikram Khanna Health Consulting
Sean Killeen HMC
Curt Kohner Health Partners (MN)
Lakshmi Koteeswaran
Kathy Kunath Iowa Chronic Care Consortium
David Lakey Healthways
Brad Landtroop
Janet Ledbetter Healthways
Marie Lappas
Chris Lassonde Blue Cross of Massachusetts
Shannon Latham Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan
Ann Lervold
Kerry Levesque Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island
Mark Lyons Premera
Scott Mann Healthways
Sean Martin Healthways
Carroll Mauldin Healthways
Matthew McGinnis Healthways
William McPeck
Kara Mencel HealthPartners
Paul Mendelowitz MD
Amy Y. Milazzo Capital District Physicians Health Plan, Inc.
Sarah Miller United Healthcare
Ameeta Mistry LifeMasters Supported Self-Care
Jay Moore Healthways
Rob Moroni Moroni Fantin
Greg Morrow Healthways
Melanie Morton
Mae Moss CVS - Caremark
David Nance Healthways
Jim Nelson Healthways
Kris O’Connor Moroni Fantin
Arica Oliver Healthways
Eric Olmstead Health Dialog
Indira Paharia
Urvashi Patel
Scott Pechman
Eric Peterson Healthways
Joellyn Prince HMC
Tyson Prince Healthways
Kathy Pruchnik
Michael Quilty Matrix Medical
Dave Rearick DO
Nicole Richardson Health Management Corporation
Aimee Ripley Healthways
Rochelle Robideaux Healthways
Fred Roberts
John Rodriquez Alere
Lisa Roth-Edwards Alere
Richard Safeer MD CareFirst
Steve Sample Healthways
Kristen Sampson Harvard-Pilgrim Health Care
Steven Saunders MD Illinois Department of Health and Family Services (Medicaid)
Chad Schaben Alere
Steven Schwartz MD HealthMedia
Regina Seider Healthways
Mark Selma MD Geisinger Health System
Heather Sheehan Health Dialog
Heather Sims Healthways
Sharmaine Smith Health Management Corporation
Jason Spector Healthways
Gayathri Sridhar Health Management Corporation
Jean Stratton
Deborah Stubbs
Joli Studley Highmark Blue Shield
Nina Taggart
Michael Taitel Alere
Pei Tang Alere
Travis Thompson Healthways
Ken Tilly
Gladys Ting Health Dialog
Melissa Tobler
Tim Tower HealthIntegrated
Barbara Tschirpke Healthways
Travis Tucker Matria
Mark Ungvarsky
Chris Valentin
Troy Vanderpass
Mark Vincler Healthways
Dawn Weimar
Aaron Wells Healthways
Mary Wieg California Public Employees Retirement System
Constance Williams MD
Price Wiley Healthways
Jane Wilson CDPHP
Melissa Wilson Healthways
Eric Wittbrodt
Kimberly Wixson Moroni Fantin
Bruce Woods
Rob Yearry
Yin Yiu
Barry Zajac
Yuan Zhang

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