The reviews are coming in
and the verdict is clear:

Cracking Health Costs and
Why Nobody Believes the Numbers
are the best books ever written.*

* By me

Associate Membership

Any organization not in the business of providing disease management programs directly to Consortium member health plans may join the Consortium as an Associate Member. (Organizations which are in that business may also join, but must suspend membership during periods in which the Consortium is soliciting them for an active RFP, to avoid conflict of interest.)

Associate Membership provides a wide range of benefits.

First, Member has unlimited access to the Consortium’s Document Library. This library includes more than thirty custom-prepared studies not available anywhere else. Examples:

The most comprehensive listing of non-pharmaceutical industry vendors available anywhere, including estimated size, contracts, contacts (including Email addresses in most cases) and Consortium commentary on the viability of each company’s value proposition;

Price, outcomes and line item-by-line item cross-vendor comparison for asthma and CHF vendors;

Form RFPs, RFIs, Letters of Intent, Contracts…incidence/prevalence/cost info for many diseases…strategy guides…outsource process flow workplans…and much more

Second, Associate Members can receive telephone consultation from the President, Al Lewis, endorsed widely as the most influential person in the chronic care management field. The only "asterisk" is that these consults may not take place during an active bid, to avoid conflict of interest.

Finally, whenever the Consortium is presented with a PR/marketing/other opportunity and asked to recommend organizations fitting particular criteria to contact, Associate Members are recommended, exclusively…and whenever a non-Member health plan asks for recommendations, Associate Members are recommended, exclusively. Examples: We have been asked to recommend not only vendors, but network providers, utilization review companies, information services companies, venture capitalists, law firms, conference companies, speakers, and executive recruiters.

Four levels of membership are available, Basic, Standard, Premium and Unlimited:

Membership Level Basic Standard* Premium* Unlimited
First-year fee (second-year in parentheses) $1750 ($1000) $2750 ($1750) $6500 ($5500) $15,000 ($15,000)
Electronic Access to Most Documents @ ½ list price  No Charge No Charge No Charge Including Premium-Priced Documents
"Day One": Intensive Disease Management Seminar/First Day Consulting $6000 $5000 $5000 $5000
Customized per diem follow-on consulting $3500 $2750 $2500 $2000 Northeast, $2500 Elsewhere
Consulting, Telephone, hourly,15-minute increments, hour minimum
(price if prepaid in 10-hour increments is in parentheses)
@$475 (@$425) @$275 (@$250) No Charge, first 15 hours; @$250 (@$225) thereafter No Charge (Only research projects incur charges)
NDA None Private Materials Private Materials Private and Public Materails (including unilateral non-disparagement)
NOTE: median and mode call lengths are 0.5 hrs, because we get right to the point with the answer.

*For additional $1,000, you may " enhance" your membership...allowing all phone calls of <15 minutes to be made at no charge.


Inclusive of all routine expenses except non-electronic transmission ($10/document service charge, $50 minimum), the benefits received according to the selected annual membership fee are described on the accompanying pages. 

All written materials developed in whole or in part by DMC2, and verbal discussion of comparative pricing and vendor evaluation, are to be used only in the ordinary course of business by the Member and may not be resold or redistributed without consent. All materials and quantitative information received by DMC2 from the member are to be held confidential by DMC2, except to create summary documents. Exception: the fact of the organization’s membership in DMC2 is not confidential. The fact of membership is not confidential unless the Associate Member is a vendor of disease management services or a venture capital firm

Member receives an automatic license for unlimited use (but not publication or distribution outside organization, unless otherwise agreed in advance) of any materials prepared for it by DMC2. Exception: Member retains ownership of any portion of those materials for which it provided confidential information. DMC2 retains ownership only of nonconfidential materials and portions of materials prepared for a Member.

Associate Membership Application

For first-year memberships at the Basic and Standard levels, you may pay using PayPal:

Select Level

Otherwise, use the long application form. It is very important to fill out your email so we can process your request. Once you submit this form, we will contact you to discuss payment options.

Address 1:
Address 2:
Membership level: Enhanced ($1000 Except Unlimited)

If you wish to order documents, please see our Document Library.   Note: All documents are free with standard or premium-level membership unless otherwise clearly noted as having a price for members. Those documents are only free for unlimited-level members.

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