The reviews are coming in
and the verdict is clear:

Cracking Health Costs and
Why Nobody Believes the Numbers
are the best books ever written.*

* By me

Information for Venture Capitalists, Security Analysts and Investment Bankers

Most people in the financial community access the DMPC before making investment decisions. Access can either be direct (see "Can I pick your brain for a few minutes"), through a pre-existing subscription to Gerson Lehrman (, or through Associate Membership in the DMPC.

We are by far the most comprehensive source of primary and secondary information about the disease management industry. See the Document Library for examples. Our information is not available anywhere else, because we glean it from our "deal flow" of outsources from health plans, states, and employers to disease management companies. We know who's winning and who's losing bids, which accounts are in jeopardy, and the likely industry growth rates for the coming months since our membership and RFP process is a leading indicator of future revenues.

We also know whose outcomes are "real" and whose are exaggerated.

Example: Something as simple as reliable estimates for revenues for the private companies in disease management can be very valuable. Often a company will tell its prospective investors that they are "one of the leading" companies in the field and there is no way of validating that information. Well, now there is.

In short, we are a one-stop shop for industry information in the field of disease management.

Disease Management Purchasing Consortium International, Inc. .

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