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Example of a Certification Press Release by a Payor


For Immediate Release
Date: March 31, 2005

Richard J. Kodora, EVP of Sales & Marketing
(800) 305-3720, ext. 3577

APS Healthcare's Healthy Together Program for the State of Wyoming Receives ROI Certification

APS Healthcare and the Wyoming Department of Health announced today that its Health Management Program for the State of Wyoming has received Certification in Savings Measurement from the Disease Management Purchasing Consortium International, Inc. (DMPC). The program, called Healthy Together, began in July 2004 and provides health management services for more than 9,000 disabled Medicaid recipients in the State, including intensive support for individuals diagnosed with the highest-risk, highest-cost conditions: depression, asthma, diabetes, COPD, coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure.

The DMPC is credited with developing an ROI methodology that has been proven to be the most sound and statistically reliable methodology in the industry for accurately determining cost savings achieved as the result of disease management services. Following the White Paper describing the key DMPC savings measurement metrics is the basis for the ROI certification. This White Paper has been endorsed by Ariel Linden DrPH, the biostatistician who wrote the Disease Management Association of America's own White Paper on measurement, as "the best available today."

By receiving this certification from the DMPC, Wyoming can confidently state that its methodology for measuring cost savings for the Healthy Together program ranks among the disease management field's most valid methodologies, and reflects the most accurate means of determining ROI in the industry today.

Al Lewis, founder and president of the DMPC commented on the Savings Certification granted to the State of Wyoming's Healthy Together program by stating, "Wyoming is the first State to be granted this Certification, which only twelve other payors have received. Its approach of contracting with a vendor to manage and validly measure the entire disabled population has already become a model for other States looking to maximize the impact of disease management, as most recently reflected in the Georgia Disease Management RFP. "

APS is a provider of specialty healthcare solutions that cover more than 20 million members in the United States and Puerto Rico. APS' Commercial Division serves more than 900 clients, including corporate and public sector employers and health plans. APS' dedicated Public Sector Division serves approximately 25% of the nation's Medicaid population through 28 programs in 18 States. The company's portfolio of products encompasses the full-range of healthcare services, including disease management programs, behavioral and medical management, employee assistance programs, work/life services, absence management, physical medicine and informatics consultation. All of APS' programs combine the company's core competencies in behavioral, disease and medical management into a holistic patient-centric approach, which improves clinical outcomes and creates a superior return on investment for customers.

APS is committed to "Helping People Lead Healthier Lives (SM)" through the implementation of customized programs that meet each customer's unique needs.

For more information, contact Richard Kodora, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing at (800) 305-3720, ext. 3577.

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