The reviews are coming in
and the verdict is clear:

Cracking Health Costs and
Why Nobody Believes the Numbers
are the best books ever written.*

* By me

What Other People Say About The Consortium...

"[One of the] Unsung Heroes Changing Healthcare Forever"

Leah Binder, Forbes

"With his new book, Why Nobody Believes the Numbers, Al Lewis may have reached his zenith. Written with Al’s down-to-earth acerbic wit and mathematical savvy, this excerpt from chapter 3 will amuse, educate, and/or enrage you"

Managed Care

"[DMPC is] considered the national leader in analyzing care management outcomes reports."

—Health Industries Research Co. 9th Annual (2010) Report on the DM and Wellness Industries

"Ranked Number 1 in the industry in our first Special Report in 2004, and would continue to Rank #1 in [our second Special Report in] 2008 if he were still eligible in 2008." [Note: Al Lewis was not eligible because he was retained to assist in evaluating other candidates.]  

Managed Healthcare Executive Special Report "Top 25 Executives in Disiease Management"

"To the degree that one person can be credited...for the very existence of a $1.1-billion segment of American health care, Al Lewis is that person when it comes to disease management."  

Managed Care

"At the top of any list of influential DM luminaries"

Managed Healthcare Executive

"The foremost experts on disease management in the country"

Managed Healthcare News

"We could not have done this without [DMPC]"

--Mary Angela Collins, Montana Medicaid, Disease Management News

"The first thing many old hands at disease management will suggest is to call [The Consortium], which has amassed probably the industry’s most complete and up-to-date information on incidence, prevalence, and cost of major diseases as well as vendor comparisons, pricing and contracts."

Healthcare Benchmarks

"The most influential person in disease management"

Great-West Healthcare Press Release

"Al Lewis not only invented disease management [contracting], he advanced the idea into one of the fastest-growing disciplines." 

Managed Care Executive

"Al Lewis has become…the acknowledged guru of disease management outsourcing."

Disease Management News

"The…Consortium is certainly the largest and possibly the only organization specializing in assisting HMOs through the obstacles of disease management contracting."

Managed Healthcare

"Begin the search for a DM partner based on…professional recommendations from peers or organizations like The Disease Management Purchasing Consortium & Advisory Council."

Demand and Disease Management

"The first thing you should do is call Al Lewis. Here’s his phone number."

Richard Vance MD, VP, Population Management, Humana 
Disease Management Congress keynote address

"Al Lewis [is] widely regarded as the leader of the disease management industry."

Humana Press Release

"Retaining [the Consortium] proved extremely valuable."

Mark Fuller MD, Senior Medical Director,
Highmark Blue Cross, Disease Management & Health Outcomes

"The best decision I ever made was to call Al Lewis."

Linda Leu,Director of Medical Management, Blue Cross of Vermont

"[Lewis is] Mr. Disease Management."

David Mack, Publisher
Health Care Business

"Perhaps the most influential organization in the industry."

Thomas Bodenheimer,
"Disease Management in the American Market" British Medical Journal

"Who is this guy? Does anyone know? I won't even log onto his website. The name alone scares me. Naturally I'm not answering this e-mail and no one else should either."

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