The reviews are coming in
and the verdict is clear:

Cracking Health Costs and
Why Nobody Believes the Numbers
are the best books ever written.*

* By me

Alfred Lewis

Alfred Lewis
Founder and President
Disease Management Purchasing
Consortium International, Inc.

Google on “Invented disease management” and the entire first page of “hits” will be Al Lewis.

The 9th Annual Report on the Disease Management and Wellness Industries calls him “the leading care management outcomes analyst in the country” and he was recently named one of the unsung heroes changing health care forever.

Al Lewis is founder and President of the Disease Management Purchasing Consortium International, Inc. ( DMPC is by far the leading outcomes measurement evaluator in the field of disease management and wellness for health plans, self-insured employers, states, and brokers seeking valid results measurement.

He also confers the only recognized certifications in two areas. The Consortium website,, lists the 200 people who have earned Critical Outcomes Report Analysis Certification and the 25 employers, health plans and states that have received Savings Measurement Validity certification. He also provides and guarantees Letters of Validation for programs that achieve savings when validly measured.

His critically acclaimed category-bestselling book on outcomes measurement, Why Nobody Believes the Numbers, chronicling and exposing the innumeracy of the health management field, was named 2012 healthcare book of the year in Forbes. His new co-authored book, Cracking Health Costs: How to Cut Your Company’s Health Costs and Provide Employees Better Care, released July 1, 2013, is already a trade bestseller.

Al’s co-authored “Is It Time to Re-Examine Workplace Wellness ‘Get Well Quick’ Schemes?” became January’s most tweeted Health Affairs article, a lay version of which was featured in the Harvard Business Review and an updated and expanded version in the Wall Street Journal. He has also published op-eds or essays in the Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle and Newsweek. He is widely acclaimed as a speaker on disease management and wellness economics.

He is also the “whistleblower” whose forensic analysis has led to the proposed dismantling of North Carolina’s expensive and ineffective Medicaid patient-centered medical home program.

His radio program, The Big Fix, exploring novel economic policy ideas, was carried on the NPR-affiliate in Washington, DC and may be renewed for 2014.

Al holds undergraduate (1978) and law (1982) degrees from Harvard University phi beta kappa and taught economics at Harvard, and is currently a Visiting Scholar in health policy at Brandeis University.

But he still can’t get his kids to clean up their rooms.

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