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Cracking Health Costs and
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Rules For Certification in Critical Outcomes Report Analysis (CORA)


  1. A candidate must take an issue spotter test and find over 70% of the mistakes.
  2. If the candidate finds between 50% and 70%, s/he may either take the test again after three months, or submit an outcomes report — either presented to them or presented by them — and critique it. In the judgment of DMPC, a sufficiently insightful critique will earn a passing score
  3. Individuals who pass this test will receive a "virtual certificate" as well as a listing (without the name of their organization) on the DMPC website "honor roll." (A brass-on-wood plaque can be ordered for $75.)
  4. The individual may use the certification as a professional credential attesting that he or she is CORA-Certified but may only claim that his or her organization is CORA-Certified if indeed Corporate Certification, described below, is received.


$500 covers lifetime certification for self-sponsors, subject only to rescission as described below. People sponsored by organizations earn certification valid for their employment tenure within that organization. If they leave the employ of that organization, they must be re-certified. The sponsoring organization receives a $250 credit towards certification for anyone who replaces a departing certified employee, if that employee leaves within two years of receiving certification.

CORPORATE ($2000 for two years)

  1. Organizations which receive CORA Certification agree to use a CORA-Certified individual (or DMPC directly) to review all outcomes reports for which they are claiming CORA Certification
  2. CORA-certified organizations will be listed on the website

Probation and forfeiture of certification: Two complaints to DMPC about invalid reporting, coupled with the reports in question showing invalid reporting, put an individual or corporation on probation. A third validated complaint within 120 days after the second causes forfeiture of CORA certification. Applicants may reapply immediately for DMPC-Direct CORA certification and/or reply for other levels after one year from the date of forfeiture.

DMPC-DIRECT ($1000/report)

  1. DMPC reviews the submitted reports
  2. DMPC agrees to provide findings within one business day
  3. Once the report is made consistent with DMPC findings of error (if any), DMPC provides an “auditors letter” attesting to having read the report and to the accuracy of its execution and the lack of implausible or impossible outcomes, as well as unexplained inconsistencies.[1]
    1. If DMPC cannot provide this letter because implausible or impossible outcomes remain, a 50% refund is made
  4. Organizations using DMPC-direct for their certification may be listed on the website only if they agree that all reports with financial/resource utilization outcomes are to be reviewed by DMPC

    [1] An “unexplained inconsistency” could be a drug use increase in the quality indicator slides coupled with a drugspend decrease. Such data may be DMPC-certified if indeed a rational explanation for this apparent inconsistency is provided in the report

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