The reviews are coming in
and the verdict is clear:

Cracking Health Costs and
Why Nobody Believes the Numbers
are the best books ever written.*

* By me


*For card-carrying grownups only. And Jack Nicholson need not apply. Why? Because we work only with people who can handle the truth.
Late-Breaking News: (Relatively Speaking)

DMPC specializes in actually getting the right answer -- in wellness, disease management, and other population health endeavors. In that sense, we are the opposite of benefits and actuarial consultants, who specialize in making their clients look good...but that can backfire, as Mercer and Milliman learned the hard way in North Carolina. Our role is not to make you look good. Our role is to help you be good – helping your company save money is the secret to career success. Since our analyses are always correct and are accompanied by a Letter of Validation attesting to their correctness, you can face the CFO or CEO with confidence when asked about your numbers. Indeed sometimes our client contact is the CFO or CEO.

Our population health consulting covers population health strategy, vendor/carrier procurement, outcomes evaluation, and training in outcomes report preparation and evaluation. Another difference between us and other consultants: we don’t pretend to do things we can’t do. If it’s not on that short list, we don’t do it. Just click your way through the site and see for yourself – everything we do is at the intersection of numbers and programs. The Document Library is perhaps the best example.

You know what the flip side is in limiting our expertise to things we actually know how to do? It means that, for those things we do, we’re the best in the world. That’s why everyone comes to us to get trained and validated. And why vendors who fool everyone else don’t fool us. And why you can be absolutely confident if we say you’ve got a good program, you’ve got a good program.

Here’s a way to test that claim: You can send us an RFP or outcomes report that your vendor or consultant has prepared. If it is a good program, we’ll write you a Letter of Validation gratis. Otherwise we’ll send you a confidential one-page report saying what needs to be fixed. No obligation, no fine print, nothing but validity.

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